2 Days in Vienna: Part 2 (Final)

To wrap up our holiday trip, Minju and I took a walking tour of downtown Vienna, explored the marketplaces, and spent an evening at the opera!

Thursday, January 4, 2018, 10:53pm

Sigh. My New Year’s vacation has come to an end in spectacular fashion. I’m finishing the day exhausted, but happy and totally content with my time here in Budapest and Vienna.

Walking Tour of Downtown Vienna

Minju and I headed out from our hostel around 9:00am, and before jumping right into a walking tour, we explored the nearby marketplace, Naschmarkt, which was just beginning to come alive. Vendors were still setting up their stalls, but most were ready and willing to hawk their wares as we passed by. Many people offered us samples or asked us in broken English to take a look at their products. While we were tempted by an Asian food store, we ultimately decided to wait to purchase things until after the tour.

Still, we took our time browsing through the Naschmarkt, which was the first market to carry dry fruits in Vienna (dry figs, to be precise). Today it’s one of the largest and most well-known markets in Vienna, and I couldn’t help but be impressed by the wide selection of fruits, vegetables, and spices. I also admired the many baked goods, fried snacks, and chocolate desserts. It was so, so difficult to walk away from the fudge selection. Continue reading “2 Days in Vienna: Part 2 (Final)”


2 Days in Vienna: Part 1

After Budapest, Minju and I headed to Vienna! We spent our fist afternoon in the city exploring the gorgeous Schönbrunn Palace, and we finished our evening shopping in the historic city center! 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018, 9:54pm

It’s Minju’s and my first day here in Vienna, and I’m loving the history and culture, but I’m also getting a bit of sticker shock from the expensive prices. I know I should feel less guilty about treating myself, but I can’t change my thrifty ways overnight.

Anyway, we arrived at the hostel wet from the rain and exhausted from lack of sleep and traveling. I was so relieved to finally arrive at the warm, comfortable hostel, and I quickly put away my glasses and broke out my make up and contacts so that I could feel a little more human.

We took a bit of time to rest before heading out for the day. We had an action-packed afternoon, taking each new activity in stride and letting ourselves choose our next destination based on our energy and interest levels. Continue reading “2 Days in Vienna: Part 1”