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Hangzhou: China’s Heaven on Earth

I took a day-trip to Hangzhou this Saturday with some friends from my internship, and we took boat rides on the West Lake, took pictures in costume, and strolled along the water and watched the sunset!

Saturday, April 25th, 11:43pm

This Saturday, I went on a day trip to Hangzhou with my friends from my internship, Finola, Meg, and Rodrigo. I set out from the apartment around 7:30am and met up with everyone at the Shanghai Railway Station. Everything seemed to be going well; we were on schedule and the weather was really nice. Pretty good luck on all accounts. Until we got to the ticket booth.

Apparently the Shanghai Railway Station had run out of tickets to Hangzhou, so we had no choice but to travel to the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. We took the bad news in stride. We hopped on the subway and prayed that the other station would have tickets. Continue reading Hangzhou: China’s Heaven on Earth