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Three Memorable Moments from Maui

On a family trip to Maui, I learn to surf, hike a volcano, and go cliff diving on the Road to Hana! It was a definitely a vacation to remember!

Living in the middle of the Midwest, my family has always been landlocked – save for the few times every four or five years that we’d take a big vacation. I’ve been to the beach a handful of times, and my time in Hainan taught me a lot about living near the ocean (mainly that sunblock is a necessity, not an option).

In 2015, my family decided to take one last big family trip to Hawaii! My mom’s cousin Lisa lives on Maui, and we were extremely lucky to have her as our guide. She was able to show us all of the best local seafood, beaches, and hiking spots – and I learned that I’m a big fan of all of the above! I would absolutely go back to Maui if I ever got the chance.

While nearly all of the experiences in Hawaii were new to me – here are the three most memorable moments from my Hawaii trip:

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