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Six Days in Seoul: Part 5

My last two days in Korea are pretty low-key! I spend Thursday in Hongdae and watch a street performance (with fireballs) and then I’m off to Shanghai with some final thoughts on Seoul to wrap up my trip!

 Thursday, January 8th, 8:34pm

Last full day in Seoul! Since I’d already seen pretty much everything I wanted to see, I decided to spend my day in Hongdae just relaxing and taking in the sights. Like Megan had told me earlier, there’s not too much to do in Seoul except eat, shop, and drink coffee. So I did a bit of all three! But first I started off my morning by going to a karaoke place that Megan had recommended.


The KTV (or noraebang in Korean) was actually specially designed for solo singers. Instead of one large room, there were actually small booths set up like mini-recording studios with a microphone, mixing board, and headphone set so that you could actually hear yourself sing properly. Continue reading Six Days in Seoul: Part 5


Six Days in Seoul: Part 4

On my fourth day in Seoul, I visit some of the most famous tourist sites around the city including: Gwanghwamun Square (and palace), the Bukchon Hanok Village, and Namsan Tower!

 Wednesday, January 7th, 11:01pm

Today was my “see-all-of-the-touristy-sites” day. I don’t know that I got to everything, but given the cold weather, I saw everything that I was capable of seeing. Brr. I’ve definitely lived in places with colder weather, but I’ve never tried to be a tourist in below-freezing temperatures. Normally when it’s this cold outside, I stay indoors or I’m rushing from the car to a nearby building. I’ve never actually walked around for hours in weather like this.

Complaints about the temperature aside, I did have a (for-the-most-part) lovely day. There were little hiccups along the way (like missing my stop on the metro and having to exit and buy a whole new ticket just to take the line going in the other direction) but I really did enjoy my sight-seeing Wednesday. Continue reading Six Days in Seoul: Part 4

Six Days in Seoul: Part 3

On my third day in Seoul, I visit the Studio Ghibli exhibition and take pictures with all my favorite Miyazaki characters. Then I experience the real Gangnam style!

Tuesday, January 6th, 9:43pm

I had another nice day in Seoul, but the weather was much colder today, and the wind felt like a slap in the face each time I ventured outside. Brrr. Not exactly the most ideal touring conditions.

Still, I did the best I could with what I had. I got a warm soup lunch at a dumpling restaurant in Hapjeong before taking the subway to the I’Park Mall.


Last night, as I was working on my blog in the hostel’s common space, a girl complimented the Totoro decal on my Macbook and asked if I was going to see the Studio Ghibli exhibition in Seoul. Continue reading Six Days in Seoul: Part 3

Six Days in Seoul: Part 2

On my second day in Seoul, I meet up with my friend Megan and we stroll through Myeong-dong, take pictures in hanbok in Insadong, get our fortunes told by a tarot card reader in Hongdae, and then finish off the night with Korean barbecue and chocolate shaved ice!

Monday, January 5th, 10:52pm

Another wonderful day in Korea! I started off the day with a waffle breakfast (courtesy of my youth hostel), then washed up and relaxed a bit before heading out to explore the Hapjeong area. I wandered through alleys and side streets before for a good hour before finding a place for lunch. As I ate my delicious chicken and rice, I FaceTimed my family and we chatted about Korea and traveling abroad. I was the only one talking and I was speaking in English, so I think I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb in the quiet restaurant.


After I finished up, I grabbed a donut at Dunkin’ Donuts (I can’t help myself) and then headed over to the subway station to meet up with Megan! Megan spotted me in no time, and we greeted each other with smiles and a hug before heading out for the rest of the day! Megan was as laid-back and sweet as always, and I was so happy to see a friendly face in the crowd of strangers in Seoul. Continue reading Six Days in Seoul: Part 2

Six Days in Seoul: Part 1

After years spent watching Korean dramas, I’m finally stepping off the plane in Seoul! In my first day in Korea, I wander around the trendy Hongdae area! I window-shop, eat delicious street food, and take lots of pictures along the way!

Sunday, January 4th, 11:30pm

And hello, Korea! I’ve spent the last week in Shanghai interning during the day, resting during the night. I meant to do more touristy things around the city, but apart from strolling up and down West Nanjing Road, I haven’t really done anything worth blogging about. And after a lazy Saturday (spent lying on the couch watching Friends), I woke up this morning at 4:25am to catch a taxi for the airport.

West Nanjing Road on New Year's Eve
West Nanjing Road on New Year’s Eve

After a low-stress check in process, I was dozing in the terminal, hopping on the plane, arriving in Seoul, and then surrounded by Korea: Korean instructions over the loudspeakers, Korean text on all the signage, and Korean stars on all of the advertisements. While I felt like I was still in China when I went to Taiwan, I immediately understood that I was in a different country when I arrived in Korea. Continue reading Six Days in Seoul: Part 1